Lords of Brotherhood

Server: Landroval,
Kinship House: Broughlow

                  Welcome to the Lords of                                      Brotherhood Kinship Website             

 The Lords of Brotherhood is one of the largest, friendliest, and most active kinships on Landroval. We pride ourselves in the bond we share with each and every member. We have members of all ages and from all over the world and we have a wide variety of levels/classes/races in our kinship. We have recently transferred our kinship from Silverlode to Landroval. With daily grouping, leveling, and merriment among all classes and levels, Lords of Brotherhood is the Landroval kinship to be in!!!!


We like to run raids, skirmishes, epic battles, and group together for quests and deeds! We also throw kin parties, and do kinwide quests (such as the quests at Sandson's Farm!).


 The Kinship is family friendly. While most of our members are adults, we also have an interesting mix of couples, parents with their young adults and even some grandparents too! 

If you are hoping to join the most helpful, entertaining kinship on Landroval, simply give an in-game shout and one of the officers will be happy to speak with you. Worried you won't find a member of the Lords of Brotherhood online? Don't be! We have a saying in the kin: Can't swing a stick without hittin' a Kin member...

Kinship News 

We now have scheduled raids and practice raids! Please check the "Upcoming Events" on the right on the Home Page for more information about the raid and the sign up sheet!!!


Should you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to send mail or a private message to an online officer. We would be more than happy to assist you in any regard concerning the kinship. Just give a shout in /world if you can't find one of us and we'll come to you!


Until then, safe and happy hunting!

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